Sunday, 3 May 2015

Vasiliki Chatzirazoglou: The pastoral act of John Chrysostom through his epistles

In this project we are going to look at the question of John Chrysostom’s pastoral work through his epistles from the time he was in exile.
His three years’ staying in exile, was not only a suffering time but also a really productive period in his writing work. Even though we are examining a short time of his pastoral action, however there is a rich reading matter, from which we can pump an embossed picture of his personality and of his care for his flock. The adversities and the difficulties that he faced were not enough to prevent the great prelate to exert the act of God’s love.
The Holy Father proved indisputably that no hardship was enough to stop him being an exceptional good shepherd who loves, preaches, admonishes and prays for his spiritual children. We come up with the great issue of missionary and the spread of the Christian truth, a matter that occupied a lot John Chrysostom. Additionally, he was highly concerned of the matter of peace among Churches and this is something we encounter in his epistles. But not only these, we can see through them his concern and his care for all the people who confront sickness, death and a large number of problems dealing with daily christian’s life.

Conclusively, in this project we want to point out the great variety of matters that concerned John Chrysostom through his difficulties in exile.

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