Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Translating Latin and Greek Christian authors - a Grammar School competition in Sicily (Italy), April 2013

As a teacher of Latin and Greek in a grammar school of Sicily (Italy), and I would like to inform you about a project my school has been working on for a long time. In fact, every year we organize a competition regarding translations from Greek or Latin christian works, which involves lots of students from different parts of Italy.

The interesting aspect of this event lies in the opportunity for the best students to test their abilities, but at the same time to confront each other in a friendly context. Indeed, during their stay in Acireale, where our school is located, they can also spend some time together visiting the place and tasting the typical sicilian food.

We would be very glad if you wanted to let your students participate in the next competition which will take place in april 2013, which will certainly give the event an international flavour.

In particular, next year the competition will be focused on a translation of a latin text drawn on one of St. Augustin’s works.

For any details you need, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail (roccos@hotmail.it).

Looking forward to your kind reply,
Yours sincerely
Prof. Rocco Schembra
Liceo Classico Statale "Gulli e Pennisi"
95024 Acireale

'Origen and Origenism in the History of Western Thought' - Origeniana Undecima Program 26 - 31 August 2013

26 - 31 August 2013

The theme of the conference is 'Origen and Origenism in the History of Western Thought'. This theme includes a number of sub-themes, such as the reception of Origen and Origenism in philosophy and theology, from the earliest reception in the third and fourth centuries through the Middle Ages to the most recent reception in the 20th century; the philological work on Origen's texts; the use or rejection of Origen's exegetical principles etc.

Call for lectures, papers and workshops

There are open calls for lectures (40 minutes presentation + 20 minutes discussion), short papers (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion) and workshops (60 minutes which can be doubled).
  • Call for lectures: The deadline for the call for lectures is October 1, 2012. The topic of the lectures should be related to the conference theme. Answers to the call for lectures should include an e-mail attachment with a short abstract of the suggested lecture (½ page). We encourage especially younger scholars to give lectures at the conference.
  • Call for short papers: The deadline for the call for papers is December 1, 2012. It is preferable if the themes of the suggested paper are connected to the theme of the conference, but it is possible to present papers on other topics also, provided the topic is connected to Origen’s work and its reception. Answers to the call for short papers should include an e-mail attachment with a short abstract of the paper (10 lines)
  • Call for themes for workshops: The deadline for the call for workshop themes is December 1, 2012. It is preferable if the themes of the workshops are connected to the theme of the conference, but it is possible to arrange workshops on other topics also, provided the topic is connected to Origen’s work and its reception. Answers to the call for workshop themes should include an e-mail attachment with a short description of the theme and form of the workshop (½ page).

Conference Organiser:

Anders-Christian Jacobsen

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

International Conference - Theological Oracles in Late Antiquity/Theologische Orakel in der Spätantike

International Conference on

Theological Oracles in Late Antiquity /

Internationale Tagung

Theologische Orakel in der Spätantike

    Grüneburgplatz 1, CAS 1.801

18. - 21. Juli 2012

Vorläufiges Programm

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

19 Uhr 30        Gemeinsames Abendessen der Referenten

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

  9 Uhr 00        Eröffnung
  9 Uhr 15        John Turner, Lincoln:
The Chaldean Oracles: A Pretext for the Sethian Apocalypse Allogenes?

10 Uhr 00        Luciana G. Soares Santoprete, Paris:

Oracles Chaldaïques et Gnosticisme : une nouvelle approche numérique

10 Uhr 45        Pause

11 Uhr 15        Pierfranco Beatrice, Padova:                        
So spoke the gods. Oracles and Philosophy
in the Anonymous Commentary on the Parmenides

12 Uhr 00        Adrien Lecerf/Lucia Saudelli, Paris
Sources et principes : universalité et particularité
dans les Oracles chaldaïques selon les néoplatoniciens


12 Uhr  45       Pause


14 Uhr 30        Christoph Helmig, Berlin:

Stellung und Funktion der Chaldäischen Orakel

in Proklos' Platonkommentierung


15 Uhr 15        Michela Zago, Padova:

Gli oracoli porfiriani della "Philosophia": struttura, funzione, significato

16 Uhr 00        Pause

16 Uhr 30        Chiara O. Tommasi Moreschini, Pisa:
La Teosofia di Tubinga
17 Uhr 15        Lucia Maddalena Tissi, Firenze:
Gli oracoli della Teosofia di Tubinga come poesia esametrica tardoantica

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

  9 Uhr 15       Ilinca Tanaseanu-Doebler, Göttingen:

Zwischen Fiktion und religiöser Praxis: Rituale in theologischen Orakeln

10 Uhr 00        Helmut Seng, Frankfurt:

Theologische Orakel zwischen Metaphysik und Ritual

10 Uhr 45        Pause

11 Uhr 15        Michel Tardieu, Paris

Les oracles théologiques de la Seconde Sophistique.

Une réflexion typologique.

12 Uhr 00        Aude Busine, Bruxelles:                                 

Les Sept Sages comme prophètes du christianisme

12 Uhr 45        Pause

14 Uhr 30        Mariangela Monaca, Messina:

Gli Oracula Sibyllina: la profezia sibillina e l'unicità di Dio

15 Uhr 15        Claudio Moreschini, Pisa:

Gli oracoli teologici nel De Trinitate dello Pseudo Didimo

                        Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

  9 Uhr 15        Rodolfo Buzón, Buenos Aires:

Heidnische und christliche Orakel bei Theodoret:

Einfluss von Plutarch und die Logia Iesou

10 Uhr 00        Jochen Walter, Mainz:

Zum polemischen Potential theologischer Orakel im interreligiösen Konflikt


10 Uhr 45        Pause


11 Uhr 15        Wolfgang Wischmeyer, Wien:

Augustinus und oracula

12 Uhr 00        Giulia Sfameni Gasparro, Messina:

Gli ‘oracoli teologici‘ fra pagani e cristiani: temi e problemi a confronto

12 Uhr 45        Schlussworte

Kontakt:    helmut.seng (at) em.uni-frankfurt.de

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oxford Patristics Conference 2011 - Peer Review Process of the Submitted Papers finished

Dear authors who have submitted contributions from last year's Oxford Patristics Conference to be published in Studia Patristica,

the Directors of the Conference are glad to inform you that the peer-reviewing process of the submitted papers has been finalised and all authors who's papers have not been accepted have, in the meantime, been notified. All other authors who have only had our acknowledgements that their papers have been received can assume that these papers will be included in the forthcoming publication of the proceedings. To smoothen the editing process, can all authors who have not yet been positively informed have patience, as we cannot individually reply to all of you with the good news yet, but will work our way through the remaining papers and inform you at the same time when we get back to you with a first edited version of your contribution.
Just to give you some numbers of the process. This time we had over 430 submissions, over 1/3 more than after the last conference in 2007; of these submissions 5% had been rejected and a much higher number of authors have been asked to resubmit. All papers have been read by a minimum of 2 independent reviewers, sometimes 3, plus the main editor, to ensure that we have a rigorous peer reviewing process in place, but also to help and support all authors through the entire process.

In the meantime, over 150 papers have been sent back to their authors to check the editing, of these 100 papers have already been with the publisher and the publisher has sent them to the authors for the second stage of the pdf-layout proofs. As you can imagine, it is a time consuming process, so please be patient - we'll get through them all. Please only notify us, if you submitted a paper, and the submission has not been acknowledged.
We work towards a publication of the all the volumes of the proceedings in 2013.

Thanks yours Markus Vinzent

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

4th British Patristics Conference - Exeter - 5th –7th September 2012

The aim of the conference is to foster the study of early Christianity broadly considered in its social, historical and theological contexts and to cultivate a community of scholars of the subject in Britain. We particularly welcome participation by current graduate students studying at British Universities.

Plenary speakers:
Sebastian Brockformerly Reader in Syriac Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford
Crossing linguistic boundaries in the Christian East

Alastair LoganHonorary Research Fellow, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Exeter
‘Paul and Peter – pray for Victor!’ The History and Impact of the earliest Roman Martyr Cult

Teresa MorganLecturer in Ancient History and Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History, Oriel College, University of Oxford
Roman Faith and Christian Faith

The Department of Theology and Religion; Centre for Biblical Studies
University of Exeter

Enquiries about papers and other academic matters to the Conference convenor:Morwenna Ludlow britishpatristics@gmail.com

Contact details and booking information:www.humanities.exeter.ac.uk/research/conferences