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  • Professor Markus Vinzent (King’s College London)
  • Professor Allen Brent (King’s College London)

Anyone with an academic interest in Patristics who might have news to post, however occasional, is welcome to apply to become an author of Oxford Patristics; contact any of the editors above with your submissions, even if you have only a one-off piece of publications or news.
All original content in this site is copyright the authors, and has been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license unless specified otherwise. This means that you can distribute, modify, and even sell this content, but you must give credit where credit is due (nothing that academic nicety doesn’t already demand). Announcements and other content cited under fair use remains the property of the copyright holders and is of course unaffected by this license.

Monitoring Oxford Patristics

Readers may learn of updates to Oxford Patristics  in several ways:
  1. Via XML web feeds.
    Oxford Patristics publishes web feeds (for example RSS 2.0), which can alert users of feed reader software to blog updates.

Citing Oxford Patristics

To cite the entire publication in the manner of the Chicago Manual of Style, use the following format:
To cite a single article (post) in Oxford Patristics, use the following format:
To cite a comment on an article (post) in Oxford Patristics, use the same format as above, but add: comment posted on day, month, year, and add the link.

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