Wednesday, 25 May 2016

In Memoriam Professor Maureen Tilley

With great sadness, we have learned from her Husband Terry that our colleague and presenter of last year's conference, Professor Maureen Tilley has died. She was professor of theology, doing research on early Christianity, late antiquity, but was also an expert on the formation of the modern Catholic church. She died on 3 April of pancreatic cancer. Her paper ('Pseudo-Cyprian and the rebaptism controversy in Africa'), given at the conference, she had, however, submitted and we are glad that it will be published in the forthcoming conference proceedings.
Maureen was a long-standing participant of our conference, let me only remind us of a few earlier contributions of her: In SP 27 (1993), 405-8 she published 'Understanding Augustine Misunderstanding Tyconius', in SP 33 (1997), 260-5 'From Separatist Sect to Majority Church: The Ecclesiology of Parmenian and Tyconius', in SP 35 (2001), 330-7 'Theologies of Penance during the Donatist Controversy', in SP 40 (2006), 121-6 'Mary in Roman Africa: Evidence for Her Cultus'. We will all dearly miss her.

For her obituary of Fordham University, see here