Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rather a workshop in the strict sense - not a showcasing of research, but an intense day of reflection and peer criticism and mutual enlightenment, Joerg Ruepke, Jan Bremmer and Markus Vinzent (all at the moment MWK, Erfurt, Germany) are running this one-day workshop on 26 June 2014.
There are only 25 places available, so, if you want to take part at this workshop, please let Markus Vinzent know as soon as possible.

Date: 26. June 2014
Venue: Villa Martin, Campus of the University of Erfurt, Germany


10.00                 Opening (Jörg Rüpke/Jan Bremmer/Markus Vinzent, MWK,   Erfurt)

Part I                  Marcion’s Gospel
10:15-11:00    Marcion’s Gospel – Reconstructed (Matthias Klinghardt,
11:00-12:00    2/3 Respondents:         
Angela Standhartinger, Marburg
                            - Nicola Denzey, Rhode Island
                            with discussion
12:00-13:00    Discussion of sample texts of the reconstructed Gospel

13:00-13:45    Lunch break

Part II                 Marcion – a religious entrepreneur

13:45-14:30    Marcion and Peregrinus (Jan Bremmer, MWK Erfurt)
14:30-15:15    Marcion, Founder of Christianity (Markus Vinzent, MWK Erfurt)
15:15-16:00    Marcion and the Synoptics (Eve-Marie Becker, MWK Erfurt)

16:00-16:30    Coffee/Tea Break

Part III               Marcion and the Second Century

16:30-18:30    Short papers (15/20m plus discussion):

                            Narratives and Textual Communities (Jörg Rüpke, MWK Erfurt)
                            The Pastoral Letters and Marcion (Harry Maier, MWK Erfurt) (tbc)
                            Martyrdom and Marcionites (Katharina Waldner, MWK Erfurt) (tbc)

19:00                 Dinner