Saturday, 15 June 2019

Workshops at the XVIII. Conference

The following workshop proposals have been retained by the Directors of the 18th International Patristic Conference. They are listed with the surname of their convenor in brackets.

Further information about individual workshops, when this has been provided by the convenor, is provided after the title.

Eriugena’s Christian Neoplatonism and its Sources in Patristic Philosophy and Ancient Philosophy (Ramelli)

Eckhart, Reader of the Church Fathers (Vannier)

Pseudo-Basiliana Graeca: a neglected corpus (Zaganas)

Evagrian Pedagogy (Young)

Chrysostomica and Pseudochrysostomica: From Textual History to a Reassessment of Traditions (Bady)

Exploring Nuances in Maximos the Confessor’s Thought (Mitralexis)

Bodily Resurrection vs Immortality: Philosophy, Medicine, Theology (Usacheva)

Nature and the Principles of Its Creation: Philosophy Recast in Theological Moulds (Podbielski)

Research on Psalter Catenae: Current Trends and Future Perspectives (Ceulemans)

Ordo Amoris in Augustine (Camacho)

From Elders to Priests: The Presbyters in the Late Antique West (Adamiak)

John of Damascus: More than a Compiler (Ables)

Clement of Alexandria: The New Testament text and non-canonical traditions (Husek)

Practice, Performance, Liturgy: Prayers before the Prayer Book (Rapp)

Theologizing Performance in the Byzantine Tradition (Olkinuora)

"Alexandrian" and "Antiochene" Exegesis of the Bible: Exemplary studies on Eusebius of Caesarea and Severian of Gabala (Von Stockhausen)

Female power and its propaganda: textual representation and visual display of imperial women in Late Antiquity and Byzantium (Chiriatti)

Migration: Rhetoric and Reality in Late Antiquity (Handl)

Early Christian 'magic': texts, objects, rituals, and contexts (Lunn-Rockliffe)

After Vööbus: New Approaches to Syriac Asceticism (Kitchen)

Ambrose of Milan's misericordia (Grant)

4th Century Christology in Context: A reconsideration (Brugarolas)

Cappadocians and Pseudo-Cappadocians (Juganaru)

Apostles as Martyrs. What Sense Did it Make to Remember Apostles as Martyrs? (Witetschek)

  • In this workshop, speakers will only give brief summaries of their papers. The draft papers will be circulated in advance to all participants. Please contact the organiser to have the PDFs sent to you by late July/early August.

Following the Holy Fathers: Patristic Sources in the Palamite Controversy (Pino)

Pelagianism in the Christian Sources from 431 to the Carolingian Period (Villegas Marín)

Perspectives on Origen in the History of His Reception (Fürst)

Early Christians and the Books at the Edges of the Canon (Barone)

Emotions & Rhetoric in Augustine (Irizar)

Role Models for Human Freedom and Dignity in Origen (Pollmann)

Digital Patristics (Janssens)

Irenaeus in the Second Century (Springer)

Ordering Knowledge and Modes of Knowing in Ascetic Theory and Practice (Zecher)

Ordering Knowledge within Manuscripts (Forness)

Lactantius (Nicholson)

Origins of Early Christian Ministry (Khomych)

The Armenian Reception of Syriac Church Fathers (Hilkens)

Re-Medial Patristics: New Ways with (Our) Old Texts (Vessey)

Ordering Knowledge and Modes of Knowing: Tradition, Authority, and Communal Formation (Ployd)

Demonologies: Ontology and Exegesis (Lössl)

Ordering Knowledge and Modes of Knowing: Philosophical Inheritances (Champion)

Eunomius’ Apologia apologiae  (DelCogliano)

Shifting Paradigms in the Study of Jerome (Van t Westeinde)

Politics and Society: The Patristic Legacy in the Middle Ages (Slotemaker)

Re-thinking Origen and Fourth Century Theology (Pui Him Ip)

Augustine's use of exegesis in polemical contexts (Toczko)

Dionysius of Tel-Mahre, early Syriac historiography, and its Byzantine and Arab context (582-842) (Mazzola)

Julian and Cyril:  Texts, Themes, and Polemic (Johnson)

Disability Discourse, Embodiment, and Healing: Intersecting Christian Antiquity and Modern Health Care (Holman)

New/old approaches to late ancient religion: re-evaluating neglected and rejected models (Grig)

New Approaches to the Persecution of the Christians (Corke-Webster)

Reorienting, Reframing, and Reinventing Memory in the Early Christian World (Bhola)

The Exegesis of Theodore of Mopsuestia and the East-Syriac Tradition (Hoogerwerf)

Deacons and Diakonia: New Perspectives on the Function and Impact of Deacons in the Early Church (Smeets) (The Greek mythology in the Writings of Theophilus of Antioch  (Boshra)

New Critical editions of Augustine (Drecoll)

Behind and Beyond the Alexandria-Antioch Divide (Elliott)