Thursday, 3 May 2012

Oxford Patristics Conference 2011 - Peer Review Process of the Submitted Papers finished

Dear authors who have submitted contributions from last year's Oxford Patristics Conference to be published in Studia Patristica,

the Directors of the Conference are glad to inform you that the peer-reviewing process of the submitted papers has been finalised and all authors who's papers have not been accepted have, in the meantime, been notified. All other authors who have only had our acknowledgements that their papers have been received can assume that these papers will be included in the forthcoming publication of the proceedings. To smoothen the editing process, can all authors who have not yet been positively informed have patience, as we cannot individually reply to all of you with the good news yet, but will work our way through the remaining papers and inform you at the same time when we get back to you with a first edited version of your contribution.
Just to give you some numbers of the process. This time we had over 430 submissions, over 1/3 more than after the last conference in 2007; of these submissions 5% had been rejected and a much higher number of authors have been asked to resubmit. All papers have been read by a minimum of 2 independent reviewers, sometimes 3, plus the main editor, to ensure that we have a rigorous peer reviewing process in place, but also to help and support all authors through the entire process.

In the meantime, over 150 papers have been sent back to their authors to check the editing, of these 100 papers have already been with the publisher and the publisher has sent them to the authors for the second stage of the pdf-layout proofs. As you can imagine, it is a time consuming process, so please be patient - we'll get through them all. Please only notify us, if you submitted a paper, and the submission has not been acknowledged.
We work towards a publication of the all the volumes of the proceedings in 2013.

Thanks yours Markus Vinzent

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