Thursday, 7 May 2015

jan van pottelberge: The Letter to Theodore of Clement of Alexandria. A much debated document. How to come to a solution?

After the publication of this Letter with a commentary by Morton Smith in 1973 the debate  on the authenticity and the interpretation seemed not to come to an end. In 2011 all antagonists except one agreed to participate to a symposium.  The Proceedings were published in 2013. In a debate at the end of the sumposium Peter Jeffery, one of the heaviest antagonists did declare: "We do not have a robust discussion among  Clements experts as to how this (Letter) does or does not fit into the works of Clement."  My communication will propose some elements that point into the authenticity of this document as to the language used. As a classical philologist and a specialist of Clement I hope to demonstrate that the Letter is not a hoax.

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