Wednesday, 6 May 2015

David Eastman: Digital Humanities and the Study of Patristics

The rise of the internet, digital publishing, and the instant contact of social media have opened up new possibilities in research and collaboration. As scholars have begun to reflect on how the digital information age impacts their work, an interdisicplinary conversation has emerged under the rubric of "digital humanities". This term describes a broad array of practices, including both research tools and new methodologies in a variety of fields such as history, literature and archaeology. This workshop will examine how the field of Patristics (which already has a long history of digitally-aided research) is benefitting from the increasing number of scholars whose work falls under the purview of the digital humanities. Individual communications will address methodological concerns or present results of recent projects.
Charlotte Roueche, King's College London
Sarah Bond, Univeristy of Iowa
David L. Eastman, Ohio Wesleyan University
David Michelson, Vanderbilt Universityh
Jeanne-Nicole Meoon Sain-t Laurent, Marquette University
Michael Glerup, East University

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