Friday, 1 May 2015

Marios Benisis: Being as an atom against Communing as a person: an Orthodox patristic quest of Theology of Person

The well known in the Orthodox world as Theology of Person derives from the communion that exists between the three persons of the Holy Trinity. If someone considers as a purpose the quote “you shall be holy, for I am holy” (1 Peter 1: 16), should try to implicate in his life the communion of the person, best known as community with the other. That is the aspect we will try to illuminate in this short communication, trying to base our thoughts in the works of the Fathers. We will also refer and comment the writings by John Zizioulas, Kallistos Ware, Christos Yannaras and other authors and last but not least, we will explore the meaning of the Greek words κοινωνια, ατομο, και προσωπο (Communion, atom and person) found in the patristic citations, in order to examine the Consensus Patrum in this aspect.

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