Sunday, 3 May 2015

Celia Lopez: Augustinism in De Anima’s commentary attributed to Peter of Spain

The Sententia cum Questionibus attributed to Petrus Hispanus (middle
of the 13th century) is the first known commentary on Aristotle’s work De Anima, initiating the very prolific tradition in the late medieval period of both commentaries and questiones on Aristotle’s work. The new critical edition of the Sententia provides access to the true doctrine of its author: in addition to a clear purpose of understanding the Aristotelian thought, we also find a Christian view, derived mainly from the Augustinian doctrine, imbued deeply with the reading of the Aristotelian work. Our participation, based on this new edition, will intend tohighlight, on the one hand, the presence of Augustinian elements, related, for instance, to the self-knowledge or the classification of the faculties. On the other hand, it will be necessary to show how such elements are integrated in an Aristotelian comprehension of the soul, safeguarding, at the same time, the Patristic doctrine.

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