Saturday, 2 May 2015

Madalina-Gabriela Pantea: WS The reception of Saint Augustine in the Sentences Commentary of Jacobus de Altavilla, book 1, question 8

The aim of my paper is to show how Jacobus de Altavilla is using Augustine as an authority in his Commentary on the Sentences, book 1, question 8. The theme of this question is whether the trinity can be known by human reason.
The fact that Augustine is the most quoted authority proves that the problem of trinity on Altavilla is related to the approach which Augustine had taken when he discussed the concept of trinity in his treatises. Concerning the reception of Augustinian ideas we have to establish whether the direct sources are the Augustinian texts or other Commentaries are used as an intermediary.
Our research is based on the fact that the Augustinian vocabulary is the most used in the development of the arguments in the way to find an answer to this question.

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