Saturday, 2 May 2015

Jaakko Olkinuora: The Spiritual and Material Temple: Byzantine Canon Poetry of the Feast of the Entrance

The presentation will explore both published and unpublished Byzantine canons for the feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple (November 21). The studied hymnographic corpus consists of four published canons that are still printed in the contemporary liturgical books of the Greek Orthodox Church, and four unpublished canons that the author has discovered in MSS Sinait. gr. 570 and Paris. gr. 259.
The presentation shows an overview of the theological themes attributed to this feast. Most importantly, a variety of typological images, symbols and metaphors relating to the temple of Jerusalem are attributed to Mary. In this case, Mary is the fulfillment of Old Testament typoi. However, there are typologies presented in these texts that describe her as a typos for later events of the New Testament, such as the eucharistic references. Thus, the feast is typologically located in a border-zone between the Old and New Covenants, serving both as typos and antitypos.
The second part of the analysis concentrates on the intertextual aspects of the studied corpus. Intertextuality appears not only in the textual structures and contents of the canons, but also in the musical structures they employ through the selection of ekhoi and heirmoi. The study will show that both textual and musical intertextualities connect the feast to other celebrations of the mystery of Christ's incarnation, most significantly the Nativity of Christ and the Annunciation.

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