Saturday, 2 May 2015

Claudia Rapp: Euchologia as Sources for Daily Life and Social History: a New Approach

Hundreds of euchologia (prayer books for the use of priests) survive in Byzantine manuscripts, beginning with the late eighth century. In addition to the sacramental liturgies, they contain a multitude of ‘small prayers’ that address situations of everyday life. These respresent a rich, but hitherto untapped source for the real-life concerns of women, men, and children across all social strata.
This panel intends to bring prayer books into focus as objects of study on several levels, in order to begin a conversation between specialists in manuscript study, liturgy, and lay piety.
The Workshop will take place in one 2.5 hour session. It will consist of seven paper presentations, of 15 minutes each, with a total of 45 minutes discussion time. Discussion will be scheduled after the fourth paper for 15 minutes, and after the last paper, for 30 minutes.
Euchologia as Sources for Daily Life and Social History: a New Approach Claudia Rapp, Vienna
Studying Byzantine Prayer Books: Taxonomies of Prayers and Manuscripts Daniel Galadza, Vienna
Manuscript Studies as Revealing the History of Use of Euchologia Giulia Rossetto, Vienna
Byzantine Prayers and their Historical Context Elisabeth Schiffer, Vienna
Gendering the Baby in Byzantine Prayers on Child-Bed Eirini Afentoulidou, Vienna
Unknown Twelfth-Century Prayers relating to Educational Affairs Ilias C. Nesseris, Istanbul
“Thine Own of Thine Own”:  Prayers for Animal Sacrifice in Byzantine and Non-Byzantine Euchologia Vitaly Permiakov, Jordanville, NY

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