Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Theodoros Alexopoulos - The Byzantine supporters of the Filioque in the thirteenth century. J. Beccos and K. Melitiniotes. An analysis of their major arguments. Touchpoints with the Latin West, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.

Focusing on the Byzantine writings  in support of the Filioque- addition to the creed, the present study tries to give us the flavour of the Trinitarian reflection in the age of the thirteenth century providing the reader with an analysis of the major arguments advanced by two important figures on the orthodox side, J. Beccos and K. Melitiniotes. In order to refute Photius position against the Filioque, J. B and K. M left to us a remarkable theological legacy, which must be in any case evaluated objectively. In this effort lies precisely the goal of this paper, namely to assess without confessional prejudices the validity and soundness of their arguments. In addition to that, the paper reveals striking similarities between J. Bs and K. Ms thought and the theological reasoning of the Latin West.

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