Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dimitar Arnaudov - "The eye (...) in the Greek Fathers and the orthodox spirituality"

Why do we look into each other’s eyes? Why every time we do it, our eyes send any additional information? People are often accustomed of saying: “In his eyes there is some fear”, “He is looking at us with eyes full of love”, “These eyes are so sad”, “There is so much joy that is shining into his eyes”. 
What sort of is the information that we are capable of feeling and accepting is coming from the people’s eyes at all? Why in the human body all the measures are so relative: the length of the hands is different, the size of the feet – as well, the size of the facial parts and of the whole body – either; some of us have swollen tummies, others – flat ones, even the size of the brain and the inner parts of the body (brain, the heart), are different in different people, but the ball of the eye is the same in all of the people?
All these facts made me to think of the meaning of the human eye from the point of view of the Christian anthropology. What kind of part plays the human eye in the Déification and the enlightenment of the human being?
What kind are all these « lightnings » that are coming « from the eyes » of the St Seraphim Sarovski, when he is appearing in front of the eyes of Motovilov?  What is the importance of the eye for the human being – in sense of his Déification and enlightment? 
What is the meaning of the word « eye » according to the Greek Holy Fathers of the Church? 
Here I am, trying to find the right answer to all of these questions. 

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