Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Kate Cooper - WORKSHOP: Reading the Saeculum: A Roundtable Remembering Robert Markus

This roundtable will remember Robert Markus through a consideration of the legacy of four of his landmark contributions.  Each speaker will introduce the work briefly (15 minutes), offering a consideration of its original aims and context of publication and assessing the impact of the book his or her own thinking, and its legacies--including that of questions still open--for the fields which it traversed. Following a brief (5-10 minute) response we will devote the remainder of the time to open discussion. 

Chair: Neil McLynn, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Saeculum: History and Society in the Theology of Saint Augustine (1970)
Discussant: Conrad Leyser, Worcester College, Oxford

The End of Ancient Christianity (1990)
Discussant: Kate Cooper, University of Manchester

Gregory the Great and His World (1997)
Discussant: Claire Sotinel, University of Paris-Est

Signs and Meanings: World and Text in Ancient Christianity (1996)
Discussant: Mark Vessey, University of British Columbia

Respondent: Henry Mayr-Harting, St Peter's College, Oxford

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