Wednesday, 13 July 2011

David Newheiser - WORKSHOP PROPOSAL: The Significance of Michel Foucault for Approaches to Patristics

This workshop aims to assess the implications of the work of Michel Foucault for the practice of Patristics. Each paper brings an aspect of Foucault's work into conversation with an early Christian author, and each aims to reflect in this light upon broad questions concerning the methodology of Patristic studies. In this way, we hope to open the space for a robust conversation with those in attendence about the way in which early Christian texts can and should be read.

The presenters and their topics are as follows:

Rick Elgendy (USA): "Practices of the Self, Reading Across Divides: What Michel Foucault Could Have Said about Gregory of Nyssa"

David Newheiser (USA): "Foucault and the Discontinuity of Tradition"

Marika Rose (UK): "A Response: Foucault and the Power of Patristics"

Devin Singh (USA): "Disciplining Eusebius: Discursive Power and Representation of the Court Theologian"

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