Saturday, 11 April 2015

Csaba Ötvös: Creation and epiphany?Theological symbolism in the creation narrative of On the Origin of the World (NHC II,5)

In the OrigWorld there is a short text unit (108.28-109.1) that gives an unusual interpretation of the creation narrative. The relevant sentences belong to the description of appearance and effect of Pistis Sophia's likeness but apparently leave the tractate's own terminology and conceptual frameworks - and those of the parallel Gnostic narratives - by referring to the purification of earth and of water. The author elaborates the subject and in order to explain what happened in the creation story, he quotes a semi logion from an unknown source and says: "the holy water, since it gives life to the all, purifies it.".
My planned communication focuses on this unit. The purpose of my short investigation is to find answers for two questions: why the author used this symbolism and how he adapted it into the theological system of the tractate. To reach this twofold aim I examine first the text unit and the related passages in the tractate. After that, based on the results of modern literature, I turn to the symbolism of the sentences and make an attempt to show the possible sources of the main terms and the concept in light of early Christian traditions.

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