Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Theodora Panella: Jesus’ Resurrection appearances in 1Cor 15.5-8 and their interpretation in the catenae of Oecumenius, Theophylact and Zygabenus

The compilers of catenae continue a long tradition of hermeneutics. It seems that in the sixth century Oecumenius compiled a catena on the Pauline Epistles, while some centuries later Theophylact of Ochrid and Zygabenus compiled catenae on Pauline Epistles, too. The subject of this paper is the editions of these catenae and more specifically the texts related to the appearances of Jesus after his Resurrection as Paul describes them at 1Cor 15.5-8. The most ancient witness is the one by Paul and contains some totally different elements from those found in Gospels. The aim of this paper is to examine similarities and differences of these catenae as a way of determining whether they are related.

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