Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Davide Dainese: Cassiodorus' Adumbrationes: do they belong to Clement's Hypotiposeis?

The Adumbrationes are exegetic texts related to certain pericopes of the “Catholic” epistolary (specifically 1Pt, Jd, 1Jn and 2Jn). They have reached us thanks to the Latin translation commissioned by Cassiodorus to – perhaps – Mutianus in the VI century. These four long fragments were traditionally considered part of a much larger writing, likely laid out in different books (seven or eight) and mentioned by sources following Clement, being entitled Hypotyposeis.
Neverteless there are many difficulties in identifying the Adumbrationes with a part of the Hypotyposeis. Indeed, for as much as the title passed down to us through the manuscript tradition may be translated into Latin from the Greek Ὑποτυπώσεις and the progression of Clement’s exegesis in the Adumbrationes and the Hypotyposeis is substantially the same, the dates and the evidence in our possession contain a number of obstacles that are worth examining.
In my paper I would like to: 1) discuss the problems of identifying these texts with parts of Clement’s Hypotyposeis; 2) formulate possible answers; 3) submit my solution on the basis of the results of the most recent research on this issue[1].

[1]Cf. for instance: Clemente Alessandrino, Adombrazioni, a c. di D. Dainese, Milano 2014.

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