Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Isabel Alçada Cardoso: "Sine dominico non possumus!" Sunday Resurrection Eucharist

Sunday is born with the Church in the morning of Lord Jesus resurrection. We can find these references scattered throughout the Gospels and the Acts of apostles. Hebrews and gentiles after they converted to Christianity started to celebrate Sunday with Eucharist. In memory of the Lord, the apostles had the need to structure a new worship according to the requirements of their new faith. The Apostles wished to maintain alive the relationship between the members of the Church and the Resurrected. They have the mandate to baptize and celebrate the Lord's supper until he comes again. The Christian worship celebrates the Pascal Mystery of Christ on Sunday, the day of Resurrection.
"Without Sunday we cannot live!", said the martyrs of proconsular Africa. To celebrate Sunday is to celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord, his Pascal Mystery, it is to wish salvation.
What did they celebrate on Sunday? Why was it so important? The Eucharist is what the Lord asked to be done in his memory. Jesus meals after resurrection were always on the first day of the week. The personal and communitarian life of the first Christian generations is determined by the fact of resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the Eucharist that have changed their lives. Sunday one of their highest expressions, the distinctive feature that gives them and makes them radiate an identity.
The aim of this short communication is to take a few steps in understanding that Sunday, Resurrection and Eucharist cannot stay apart from the beginning.

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