Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sergey Kim: Severian of Gabala as an eye-witness to the life of the imperial court in Constantinople in the early 5th cent.

The Communication deals with the pieces of historical information concerning  the life and the institutional practices of the imperial court of Constantinople, drawn from the homilies of Severian of Gabala. This preacher of the early 5th century left a heritage of quite a number of homilies which are abundant in allusions to the daily practices of the imperial court. Trying to formulate a convincing anti-heretic strategy, Severian founds his Orthodox theological ideas on the comparison with what was supposed to be most credible and honourable for a good Christian of Roman citizenship: the institutional and daily practices of the empire. We try to give a documented list of the historical phenomena touched by Severian, such as: imperial post, interpreter at the court, figurative representation of the emperor and his triumphs, official procession etc. Material in Greek and in the Oriental languages is explored, with reference to inedited portions of Severian's homilies, when necessary.

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