Friday, 3 April 2015

Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski: Clement's Valentinian Sources in the Excerpts from Theodotus

The paper offers my contribution to the workshop "The Other Clement of Alexandria: new perspectives" organised by a group of international scholars.
 I would like to analyse Clement of Alexandria's work known under its abbreviated title: "Excerpta ex Theodotus," focusing on the neglected connection between Theodotus' theology and some documents preserved in the Nag Hammadi Library which represent the Valentinian outlook. Scholars agree on a number of treatises which reflect eastern and western branches of Valentinian theology. As Theodotus is classified as one of the representatives of the eastern school (e.g. Einar Thomassen) I will explore his soteriology and eschatology in relation to some relevant Coptic documents discovered from the Library.  This reconstruction aims to illuminate some aspects of Theodotus' found in Clement of Alexandria's collection. However the ultimate question which I will address is about the nature of Clement's reception of Theodotus: did Clement amalgamate under "one name" various trends of Valentinian theology, or did he preserve only one, eastern tradition known to him as Theodotus' legacy?

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