Saturday, 11 April 2015

Matthieu Cassin: Gregory of Nyssa and Cyril of Jerusalem on Lc 24:42var

Both Gregory of Nyssa and Cyril of Jerusalem are among the earliest testimonies to the longer variant of Lc 24:42 ("and a honeycomb"). Cyril uses this form in his exegesis of Ct 5:1, in Cat. XIV, 11; Gregory also uses the longer form in his Homilies on the Song of Song, when commenting on Ct 5:1 and conflates it with Jn 21:9, as in his homily De tridui spatio. The other patristic testimonies of Lc 24:42 var. are very different and do not use the honey detail at all; they mainly concern discussion about the real resurrection of the body. Patristic testimonies will also be compared with data from the manuscript transmission of the New Testament, in order to try to define the possible origin of such a variant reading in Lc 24:42.

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