Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ewa Dusik-Krupa: Politician, theologian, tutor. Luciferi Calaritanis using of Holy Scripture

St. Athanasius in one of his letters writing to Bishop of Calaris with this words: It came to us namely, that Your Holiness residing in the middle of scorpions, however enjoy the freedom of spirit, so that you bring the erring to the light of true, whether exhorting, whether teaching or rebuke (CSEL XIV, p.323). I this way he draws attention to the wide range of Lucifer's works.
Lucifer when writing his works against the Arians and Constantius the Second tries in fact, according to the rules of ancient rhetoric, support all his arguments with examples drawn from the Holy Scripture. Analyzing the ways of his quotations, either New or Old Testament, we can divide them, following Athanasius, in three different ways: theological. Political, educational. There is no doubt, that all the Lucifer's intentions are not characterized by identical priorities in his work. In examining the writings of Bishop of Calaris we should pay special attention to the goals that he wanted to achieve by means of the quoted examples. Through analysis of the quoted passages of Holy Scripture we can clearly identify the Lucifer's position towards the imperial power and how, in his opinion, relations between State and Church should develop. What is more, which is equally important, thanks to those quotations we can see how the translations of Holy Scripture were formed before Jerome's translation, known as Vulgate.

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