Friday, 3 April 2015

Christophe Guignard: Greek Lists of the Apostles: Report on a Research Project

Lists of the Apostles, i.e. short texts with essential information (mission field, martyrdom, etc.) on each of the Twelve (Paul is sometimes added) and/or the Seventy(-two) Apostles, exist in virtually all the languages of Early Christianity and in different forms. Surprisingly the Greek lists received very little attention since they were published over a century ago by Theodor Schermann (1907). The scope of this short communication is to present the first results of a research project that aims to understand the development of the textual tradition of the Greek lists and to provide a new critical edition on the basis on a new census of Greek manuscripts that contain them. In particular, it will focus on the earliest one (4th/5th cent.), known as "Anonymous 1" (BHG 153c), for which new Greek manuscripts have been identified, as well as an Ethiopian translation, and a new collation of the damaged leaves of a 5th or 6th-century Latin manuscript that contain a version of this text is in progress.

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