Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Christoph A. Riedweg: WS (0049) "New evidence for the transmission of Cyril's "Contra Iulianum" and outlines of the present edition"

In preparing the present critical edition, substantial new evidence regarding the indirect transmission of Cyril's massive refutation of Julian's pamphlet "Against the Galileans" has come to light, including a great number of quotations by the byzantine historian and exegete Michael Glycas (12th century). A thorough investigation into the later manuscript transmission has, moreover, shown that the Augsburg humanist David Hoeschel (1556–1617) was preparing a Greek edition of Cyril's work between 1613–1617, comparing the readings of various manuscripts. The results of this and other research carried out by members of our groupe will be incorporated in the new critical edition, which, with its substantial apparatus fontium et locorum parallelorum, will also offer a kind of commentary in nuce.

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