Friday, 20 March 2015

Victor Yudin: Workshop on NEOPLATONISM and the FATHERS

The issue of love-hate relationships between certain representatives of
Neoplatonic school (3d-7th c. A.D.) and various church fathers, not only in
Greek and Latin Late Antiquity but also the Oriental Patristics still
remains significantly under-explored. Our task is to partially fill in this gap of
contemporary scholarship. 

Following a fruitful co-operation of a two days workshop at 2011 Oxfrod
Patristics Conference, which resulted in a publication of Studia Patristica
58 (Peeters, 2013), we would like to continue further as a group within the
similar lines.

Four experienced scholars from four different European countries present
their work on Neoplatonism as linked to various aspects of church fathers
teaching.  Among them Dr. Sergio Mainoldi (Milan, Italy), Dr. Victor Yudin
(Leuven, Belgium) Dr. Levan Gigeneishvili (Tbilissi, Georgia) and Dr. Alexey
Fokin (Moscow, Russia). Although these scholars have different church
fathers under the scope (S.Mainoldi - Pseudo-Dionysius, V.Yudin - Augustine,
L. Gigineishvili - Petritsi, A.Fokin - Marius Victorinus) as well as
different Neopalatonists such as Plotinus, Porphyry, Proclus, the domain and
research methods still remain similar.

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