Saturday, 21 March 2015

THEONI BOURA: The Christian man as citizen of the world

The originality and the absence of hypocrisy of the Christian man are emphasized. The Christian’s attitude against the social aims and his willingness to fight are investigated. The secular purposes such as offices, the riches, the power, the arrogance and pleasures are called “dreamy ghosts”. Christian has a strong focus inner spiritual life.
The word “Christian” means mimicry and participation of Christ and community of all high notions and perfections. This is achieved with the participation in the holy Eucharist and it is different from philosophy.  It is related with the person of Christ. It is a relationship with God and Its perfections and not our own efforts to have proper behaviour and moral life. There is much sin because there is forgetfulness of God.  Praying and desire of God are necessary in order for the purification of the heart and the unity of all people to come. Christ’s existence is uniting.

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