Friday, 20 March 2015

Joseph Verheyden: The So-Called Catena in Marcum of Victor of Antioch: Throwing Light on Mark with a not-so-Little Help of Matthew and Luke

The Catena in Marcum, which in part of the manuscript tradition is ascribed to an otherwise unknown Victor of Antioch, has largely been ignored in modern scholarship. Yet the work is worth receiving a closer look, if only because it contains, in addition to identifiable excerpts from various ancient authors, also a good number of still unidentified material and because it offers some nice examples of how to explain Mark with the help of Matthew and Luke. The paper will first present, by way of illustration, some corrections to a recently published list of the identified excerpts (W. Lamb) to show that probably some more work is to be done in this respect. It will then discuss some instances where the compiler (or his sources) explicitly and in various ways refers to a passage from Matthew and Luke (not necessarily a direct parallel) to help interpret a particular verse or phrase in Mark.  

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