Thursday, 5 February 2015

Pavel Dudzik: Tatian's Oratio ad Graecos and Ancient Greek Literature

In my short communication I would like to focus on works of the ancient Greek literature as quoted by Tatian the Assyrian in his Oratio ad Graecos. First, I plan to examine Tatian's quotes from Homer, Greek playwriters of the classical period and others Greek authors and attempt to assess significance of the quotes in Tatian's polemical narrative. Second, I am going to compare Tatian's quotes with the way the other early Christian authors and apologists employ the pieces of the Greek classical literature, to understand to what extend Tatian quotes usual loci communes of the early Christian apologetics and where demonstrates his own excellent education.
My short communication will be based on the results of my project concerning a Czech translation and a commentary on Tatian'sOratio ad Graecos (in the years 2012-2014).

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