Monday, 16 February 2015

2015 SBL/AAR Annual Meeting (November 21-24 in Atlanta, GA - Contextualizing North African Christianity program

The Contextualizing North African Christianity program unit invites paper proposals for the 2015 SBL/AAR Annual Meeting (November 21-24 in Atlanta, GA) for the following two sessions devoted to the North African bishop and martyr, Cyprian of Carthage:
1)       Contextualizing the Life of Cyprian. We seek paper proposals that help to situate Cyprian’s life and work within the social and cultural contexts of Roman North Africa.
2)       The Afterlife of Cyprian. Cyprian was an influential figure in his own day but loomed even larger after his death. We welcome proposals illustrating this enduring influence (e.g., hagiographical traditions, the pseudo-Cyprianic corpus, and as an authority in the Donatist controversy and among various authors of the fourth through seventh centuries).
Deadline for Paper Proposals: March 5, 2015
If you are a SBL member, you must login before you can propose a paper for this or any other session. Please login by entering your SBL member number on the left in the Login box.
For all other persons wanting to propose a paper, you must communicate directly with the chairs of the program unit: David Riggs (, David Wilhite (

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