Thursday, 5 February 2015

Alexander Treiger: WS: Arabic Translations of the Greek Church Fathers: Significance for Patristic Studies

The workshop will explore an unduly neglected field: Arabic Patristic translations. Several hundred Patristic works were translated into Arabic in the Middle Ages. The workshop will assess their significance for Patristic Studies. It will show that the Arabic tradition has preserved some important documents, no longer extant in Greek. Moreover, Arabic translations of the Church Fathers are foundational for research on Middle Eastern Christianity and its connections to the Islamic tradition. The following communications will be included.
The Noetic Paradise: A Masterpiece of Greek Patristic Literature, Recovered in Arabic
The Noetic Paradise was written in Greek in Muslim-controlled Palestine in the eighth or ninth century. It is no longer extant in Greek, but is preserved in a medieval Arabic translation. Until recently, it has remained unknown to scholars of Patristics. This communication will situate The Noetic Paradise relative to its immediate setting (Palestinian monasticism) and the earlier Patristic tradition (the Macarian Homilies, Evagrius, and Origenism), as well as explore its possible connections to early Islamic philosophy and mysticism.
Ephrem the Syrian's Unpublished Homilies from the Manuscript Strasbourg Arab. 4226 (IX Century): Their Provenance and Relation with Other Versions
The Integral Arabic Translation of Pseudo-Athanasius' Quaestiones ad Antiochum ducem and the Qur'an
Early Kalām literature in the Face of the Greek (and Syriac) Hexaemeron Traditions
Three Additional Philosophical Chapters of John Damascene, Preserved in the Tenth-Century Arabic version
A Byzantine Genre in Arab Garb: Encomia to Saints in 10th-11th Century Antioch

Continuity and Transformation: Theosis in the Arabic Translation of Gregory Nazianzen's Oration on Baptism

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