Thursday, 5 February 2015

John Slotemaker: Augustine In Late Medieval Philosophy and Theology(A Workshop, organized by John T. Slotemaker and Jeffrey C. Witt)

The goal of the proposed workshop is to assemble a group of 12 papers (3 sessions of 4 papers each) that examine the reception of Augustine of Hippo's thought in the late medieval period (i.e., 13th-15th centuries). We are particularly interested in creating a forum that allows scholars to discuss the reception of Augustine in under-represented late scholastic thinkers. Given the recent literature on the reception of Augustine in the Medieval Latin West (e.g., K. Pollman (ed.), The Oxford Guide; E.L. Saak, Creating Augustine), the organizers think that the time is ripe for a workshop dedicated to the proposed topic. As scholarship continues in the late medieval period, it is important to continually reassess and reflect on the influence of Augustine and the various ways Augustine was received. We believe the proposed list of participants and papers will contribute to a fuller understanding of Augustine influence in late medieval thought. The list represents a diverse group of scholars who will be able to assess Augustine's legacy from different perspectives. Proposed papers include considerations of philosophical topics about the nature of sensation, volition, and cognition. Others will focus on more explicitly theological topics about the nature of theology, the doctrine of God, and the concept of faith. The list of proposed papers also provides a good sampling from the "long Middle Ages," including thinkers from the late thirteenth century (e.g., Peter John Olivi) until the early sixteenth (e.g., Martin Luther).

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