Thursday, 5 February 2015

David Wilhite: WS ‘Out of Africa’: The Quest for North African Theological Identity(/-ies) in the Patristic Era

Geographical location and theological content were intrinsically related within Early Christianity. Historical-geographical research has confirmed that a broad spectrum of contextual circumstances and theological differences resulted in regionally coloured types of Christianity. Our workshop will address the question whether we can speak of an African theology in the Patristic era.
Scholars agree that their socio-economic/political-geographical specificity formed North Africans into a distinct regional group. This particular regional context resulted in a specific African expression of Christianity, distinct from that of other regions. This African identity consisted of a specific ethos of Christianity, which was a blend of local/particular (Africitas) and universal (Romanitas/Christianitas) elements. The contributions of our workshop will explore the possible theological implications of the said North African Christian identity, and will attempt to situate its theological regional specificity within Christianity as a whole.

Our proposal for this workshop already has one confirmed session with five presenters, representing universities in Japan, Belgium, and the USA (names, paper titles and paper abstracts available). Pending approval for this workshop will also invite someone to preside over the session. In addition to this confirmed session, we also propose additional sessions on this topic.  Pending approval from the conference directors, we will issue a call for papers through various scholarly networks, and submit a finalized proposal with up to twelve papers to the directors by December of 2014.

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