Thursday, 5 February 2015

Matyáš Havrda: WS The Other Clement of Alexandria: New Perspectives

“The Other Clement of Alexandria” is a collective designation of texts preserved after Stromata VII in Codex Laurentianus (the so-called Stromata VIII, Excerpts from Theodotus, and Eclogae Propheticae) and material related to Clement’s lost Hypotyposes. Despite their differences, these texts have much in common: their origin is obscure, their state is fragmentary, and they are all witnesses to earlier traditions (philosophical, Valentinian, or the tradition of the “presbyters”).  Moreover, all of these texts are, in one way or another, concerned with biblical exegesis. The aim of this workshop is to explore these common elements both in individual texts and in their relation to one another, while reopening the debate about their origin, purpose, and relevance to Clement’s planned continuation of the Stromata. It will include the following contributions: (1) The origin and purpose of Stromata VIII: The riddle revisited. (2) “In order that we might follow him in all things”: Spiritual interpretation of Gospel texts in the Excerpts from Theodotus 66-86. (3) Clement’s Valentinian Sources in the Excerpts from Theodotus. (4) Clement's Prophetic Eclogues: Ascetic traditions received. (5) Eclogae 9-11 about the value of suffering. (6) How many fragments of the Hypotyposes do we have? (7) Cassiodorus' Adumbrationes: do they belong to Clement's Hypotyposes? The workshop will be concluded by a general discussion.

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