Thursday, 5 February 2015

David Hunter: "The Reception of the Fathers"

This workshop is held in connection with the preparation of the Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity, edited by David G. Hunter, Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, and Paul van Geest. The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for preliminary discussion of a volume of essays on patristic reception.  All of the speakers below have confirmed their titles and willingness to participate, except for #7.  If Professor Faber does not confirm, we will find another speaker to address reception in the Reformation period.

Session I: Medieval and Byzantine Reception

1. Philip Lyndon Reynolds: "The Scholastic Augustine (12th-13th Centuries)"
2. Willemien Otten: "The fate of Augustine's Genesis exegesis in medieval hexaemeral commentaries."
3. Bronwen Neil: "Gregory the Great and Late Antique Popes in the Middle Ages and Beyond"
4. Augustine Casiday: "Evagrius of Pontus in Byzantine and Syriac Reception"

Session II: Late Medieval and Reformation

5. Stephen Cooper:
"Ambrosiaster in Reformation Zürich: Heinrich Bullinger's Use of 'Ambrose' in his Commentaries on Paul."
6. Aza Goudriaan: "Nicaea: Origin of the Decline of Christianity? Early Modern anti-Trinitarian Historiography and the Protestant Response"
7. Reimer Faber: Ambrosiaster and Erasmus [invited, but no response yet]
8. Ralph Keen: “Lactantius in Early-Modern Religious Controversies”

Session III: Modern and Post-Modern Reception

9. Ian Ker: "The Influence of the Greek Fathers on John Henry Newman"
10. Paul Blowers: "Modern Recontextualizations of Maximus the Confessor"
11. Elizabeth A. Clark: "Augustine Meets Protestant Liberalism: Teaching Augustine in Early Twentieth Century America"
12. Karla Pollmann: "The Secular Reception of Augustine"

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