Monday, 2 February 2015

Decisions made about the submitted abstracts for the upcoming conference 2015

Dear colleagues,

In our last week's meeting, the decisions have now been made about the submitted abstracts for the forthcoming conference 2015:
- Reference numbers up to and including 0808: *unless* you have heard otherwise from the Directors, or from the convener of your proposed workshop, please assume that your abstract is accepted.
- Reference numbers from 0809 on: 
If your abstract is for a workshop which has been accepted, thank you!
If your abstract was for a workshop which could not be accepted, and you have asked for it to be considered as a short communication, please assume that it has been accepted.
If you submitted, after the deadline of 31 Dec 2014, an abstract for a short communication, you are on a reserve list and the Directors will tell you by the end of February whether there is space for your paper. 

The Directors regret that new submissions can no longer be considered.

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