Thursday, 30 June 2011

Stephanie Kee - Re-examining martyrdom through the theology of deification in Maximus the Confessor

In this paper I will re-examine the concept of martyrdom by including the theology of deification into a study which focuses on what it means to be a martyr. Through Maximus the Confessor’s use of tropos hyparxeos we can construct a theology that brings the Christological dynamic of becoming, as a  concrete witness through a change in the outward mode of existence so that martyrdom ceases to be a static concept but becomes equated to an existential event in a significant act of ontological restoration. Thus martyrdom highlights the Divine purpose of the deifying operations manifested through the hypostatic-union which highlights how we come to exist in Christ. The martyrs become a significant expression of restoration through their witnessing to the Christ event and thus by understanding martyrdom through deification in the theology of Maximus the Confessor  we can utilise a proper Christology in the concept of martyr.

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