Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Richard Vaggione - Who were Mani's "Greeks"? "Greek Bread" in the Cologne Mani Codex

In CMC [Cologne Mani Codex]  87.20-21, 23-88.1, cf. 91.22-3 Mani is said to favour a wheat bread characterized as λ̣[ληνικν] ρτον, effectively a hapax. The paper will use Rabbinic, Latin, and Greek medical sources to establish the probable identity of the bread, and of the λλη[ν]ας to whom the Baptists were afraid Mani might flee in 80.16-18.

After a brief discussion of the Aramaic background of the CMC (with a guess as to the profession, but not the identity of the translator), the paper will address “purity” and diet as understood by the “Mani” portrayed in the CMC. 

Then, after a brief discussion of ancient breads in general, a candidate found in Latin and Greek sources will be discussed (recipe available to the interested). Finally, a discussion of the meaning of “Greeks” and “Greek Bread” in the CMC using Rabbinic evidence, and a suggestion as to the possible political context.

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