Friday, 24 May 2019

Luc Jocqué, Bart Janssens: Multilingual databases of Patristic, Medieval and Byzantine texts: Sources Chrétiennes online & Répertoire des traductions des Pères de l'Église

Sources Chrétiennes is a bilingual collection of patristic and medieval texts founded in 1942 by the Jesuit Fathers Jean Daniélou, Claude Mondésert and Henri de Lubac. The collection is edited by the Institut des Sources Chrétiennes (current director: Guillaume Bady) and published in Paris by Les Éditions du Cerf. Brepols currently prepares the electronic publication of the complete collection (Latin, Greek, Syriac texts with French translation) in an online database (eSChr). The Répertoire des traductions françaises des Pères de l’Église (RTF) is an indispensable tool for identifying and finding the translations of the works of Church Fathers. The about 12,000 index cards dedicated to the French translations of Latin, Greek and Eastern Fathers are the work of Benedictine Father Jacques Marcotte of the Abbey of Saint-Wandrille in Normandy, France.The RTF is a unique source of information for the literature of Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. The database has a bilingual French and English search interface and offers for the first time a methodical census of translations, complete and partial, of works of Church Fathers. Because of its scale, the RTF has no equivalent either in the French-speaking world or in any other linguistic region.

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