Thursday, 23 May 2019

Catherine Broc-Schmezer: Towards a Critical Edition of the Homilies on Hannah, by John Chrysostom

The first three editions of the complete works of John Chrysostom contain five homilies on Hannah, mother of Samuel (CPG 4411, PG 54, 631-676). Although they were pronounced at the same period of the liturgical year (just before and after Pentecost), several elements cast serious doubt on the presumption that they constitute a single series of homilies pronounced by the same author during the same year. Rather, there may actually be two different series, the first comprised of three homilies on the narratives in the first chapter of the Book of Reigns, and the second, also consisting of three homilies (the first being missing), about the Song of Hannah in the second chapter of the Book of Reigns. Moreover, the Prologue of the first homily gives several chronological details which are inconsistent when taken together. This paper will present how a careful examination of the manuscripts may serve to clarify these two points.

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