Saturday, 25 May 2019

Dietmar Wyrwa: Presentation of the new Ueberweg, Grundriss der Geschichte der Philosophie. Antike V: Philosophie der Kaiserzeit und der Spätantike.

This short communication is meant to call attention to the recently published Ueberweg's History of Philosophy. Antiquity V. This major work in three volumes, which in 2600 pages covers the period of the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity up to about 700 CE, is written by more than 50 international highly esteemed experts and is edited by Christoph Riedweg (Zurich), Christoph Horn (Bonn) and Dietmar Wyrwa (Berlin). The presentation will outline the basic conception the editors applied to the realisation of the project. They thought it necessary to avoid a strict intellectual oposition beween greek philosophy and jewish-christian thinking, since one can realize mutual encounters and dependencies. So the exposition of the work follows a mixed principle taking into account the successions of schools, the religious traditions, the areas of language and the geographic relations, all this in a roughly chronological order. The communication will show, as the editors are convinced, that this work can be an important help for patristic studies. Finally a comparison may be drawn with the conception of Gerson's Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity, which was published in 2010, when the work of the new Ueberweg was already in progress.

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