Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Plenary Speakers at the Seventeenth Conference (2015)

(from the archive)

Opening Lecture
Susanna Elm (Berkeley). ‘Augustine and the slave trade: theology and economics’

Closing Lecture
Theo de Bruyn (Ottawa), ‘Bishops, Scribes, Spells, and Rites: A Revealing Quartet.’.

Evening Speakers
Atsuko Gotoh (Hosei) ‘The “conversion” of Constantine the Great: his religious legislation in the Theodosian Code’
David Hunter (Kentucky) 'Priesthood and Purity: Rethinking the Origins of Clerical Sexual Continence'
Lenka Karfikova (Prague) ‘Augustine on anamnesis’

Plenary Speakers
Brouria Bitton-Ashkelony (Jerusalem): ‘Greek and Syriac Hybridity in Eastern Monastic Culture'
James Carleton-Paget (Cambridge): ‘Celsus' Jew, and some questions about the Christian Adversus Judaeos tradition’
Tina Dolidze (Tbilisi) ‘From Origen’s Biblical Hermeneutics  to Gregory of Nyssa’s Theory of Language’
Hugh Houghton (Birmingham) ‘The Changing Shape of New Testament Commentaries’
Simon Mimouni (Paris) “Jésus de Nazareth et sa famille ont-ils appartenus à la tribu des prêtres? Quelques remarques et réflexions pour une recherche nouvelle”.
Claudio Moreschini (Pisa) ‘Can we really speak of “Cappadocian Theology” as a system?’
Barbara Roggema (London) ‘Christian Arabic Patristic Literature and Early Islam’
Stephen Shoemaker (Oregon): Marian devotion before the Council of Ephesus.
Bas ter Haar Romeny (Amsterdam) ‘Greek-speaking and Syriac Christianity’
Peter Van Nuffelen (Ghent) ‘Time, language and understanding: how do Christians write history?’
Martin Wallraff (Basel): ‘Symphony of the Gospels: Eusebius’ canon tables and other early Bible paratexts’
Robert Wisniewski (Warsaw): ‘Eastern, western and local habits in the early cult of relics’


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