Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Plenary Speakers at the Fourteenth Conference (2003)

(from the archive)

Opening Lecture
P. Cox Miller: “Visceral Seeing: the Holy Body in Late Antiquity”

Closing Lecture

A. di Berardino: “The Christianization of Social Time in the Fourth Century”

Evening Speakers

J. Lieu: “Memory and Identity: the Early Christian Discovery of a Past”
P. Rousseau: “Human Nature and its Material Setting in Basil of Caesarea’s Sermons on the Creation”
A.M. Ritter: “Augustine and the Patriarch Photius on Religion and Politics”

Plenary Speakers

J. W. Drijvers: “Cyril of Jerusalem: A Bishop and his City”
R. Dodaro: “Between the two Cities: Political and Theological Virtues in Augustine of Hippo”
G. Stroumsa: “Christ’s Laughter: Docetic Origins Reconsidered”
J. Lienhard: “Two Friends of Athanasius:  Marcellus of Ancyra and Apollinarius of Laodicea”
E. Rébillard: “The Church, the Christians and the Dead in Late Antiquity”
C. Markschies: “Christians and Asclepius? Ancient Christianity and the Healing Cults”
R. Lane Fox; “Augustine’s Soliloquies and the Historian”
Archbishop R. D. Williams: “Augustine’s Christology”
S.B. Gajano: “Saints and Hagiographies between Mediterranean Late Antiquity and Medieval Western Christianity: the role of Gregory the Great”
P. Allen: “The Syrian Church through Bishops’ Eyes: the Letters of Theodoret and Severus of Antioch”
B. Leyerle: “Monks and Other Animals”
M. Vinzent: “Postcolonial Patristics”

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