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Plenary Speakers at the Fifteenth Conference (2007)

(from the archive)

Opening Lecture

Rowan Williams: ‘Tempted as we are’: Christology and the Analysis of the Passions

Closing Lecture

Frances Young: ‘Creation and Human Being: the forging of a distinct Christian discourse’

Evening Speakers

Winrich Löhr: ‘Christianity as Philosophy – perspectives and problems of an ancient intellectual project’
Bart Ehrman: ‘Forgery and Counterforgery in the Early Christian Tradition’
Pauline Allen: ‘Portrayals of the Theotokos ’

Plenary Speakers

Glen Bowersock: ‘Helena’s Bridle, Ethiopian Christianity, and Syriac Apocalyptic’
Richard Sorabji: ‘Conscience: the Graeco-Roman Contribution’
Claudia Rapp: ‘Exemplarity and Imitation in late Antique Christianity’
Sebastian Brock : ‘Dramatic Poems on Biblical Topics in Syriac’
Jan Den Boeft: ‘Delight and Imagination: Ambrose’s Hymns’
M. Kazakov: ‘Letters of Western Bishops to the Emperor Theodosius I and relations between the Eastern and Western Churches at the end of the IV Century’
Pier Franco Beatrice: ‘Augustine’s longing for Holiness and the Problem of Monastic Illiteracy’
Bronwen Neil: ‘Blessed are the Rich: Leo the Great and Roman Poor’
Susan Wessel: ‘Mind and Sensation in Gregory of Nyssa’
Claire Sotinel: ‘Ancient Christianity and the techniques of  information’
Ulrich Volp: ‘That unclean spirit has assaulted you from the very beginning’: John Chrysostom and Suicide
Marie-Odile Boulnois: “Dieu jaloux”: Embarras et controverses autour d’un nom divin dans la littérature patristique

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