Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Plenary Speakers at the Sixteenth Conference (2011)

(from the archive)

Opening Lecture

Guy Stroumsa:  “Athens, Jerusalem, Mecca: The Patristic Crucible of the Abrahamic Religions”

Closing Lecture

Averil Cameron: “Can Christians Do Dialogue?”

Evening Speakers

Lewis Ayres: “Grammar, Polemic and the Development of Patristic Exegesis 150 – 250”
Sarah Coakley : “Prayer, Politics and the Trinity: Vying Models of Authority in Third and Fourth Century Debates on Prayer and ‘Orthodoxy’”
Mark Vessey: ‘Plurimi pertransibunt: the Translators of the King James Version and the Church Fathers’

Plenary Speakers

George Bozinis: “John Chrysostom and the State”
Annewies van den Hoek : “Execution as Entertainment: the Roman Context of Martyrdom”
Hervé Inglebert: « Le problème de la formation intellectuelle des clercs : d’Augustin à Cassiodore »
Susan Ashbrook Harvey: “The Sorrow of Eve:  Lamentation and Penance in Syriac Tradition”
Lorenzo Perrone: “Origen’s Confessions: Recovering the Traces of a Self-Portrait”
Therese Fuhrer: “Augustine in Milan: the Easter Crisis of 386”
Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe: “Diabolical problems in Early Christian Thought”
Richard Price: “The Theology of the Councils: Resources and Limitations”
Samuel Rubenson: “The Formation and Reformations of the Sayings of the Desert Fathers”
Josef Lössl: “Memory as History? Patristic Perspectives” 
George Zografidis: “Is a Patristic Aesthetics possible? The Eastern Paradigm Re-examined”
Kazuhiko Demura: “The concept of Heart in Augustine of Hippo: its Emergence and Development”

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