Thursday, 7 February 2019

Sergey Kim: A hitherto unknown Greek Homily on Adam, Abel and Cain: (ps.-)John Chrysostom or Severian of Gabala?

The paper will present a newly discovered and still unpublished Greek homily on Adam, Abel and Cain preserved in two manuscripts. According to the attribution in both of them the homily is authored by St John Chrysostom, but serious literary problems occur while analysing this attribution. It will be shown that important textual and literary cross-references with genuine works of Severian of Gabala contest its alleged authorship by Chrysostom. It will also be shown that several passages of the new homily are also present in one ps.-chrysostomic sermon from the ancient corpus of the 38 homilies, known in an early Latin translation of the mid-fifth century, as well as in one homily of "Ephrem Graecus". The paper will proceed to possible preliminary solutions of these literary problems.

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