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Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Fellowships at  the International Institute for Asian Studies. We are particularly looking  for researchers focusing on the three clusters: ‘Asian  Cities’, ‘Asian  Heritages', and ‘Global  Asia’ (click on the links for a description of the  clusters),

Application deadline: 1 April  2012

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The  positions are intended for outstanding post-doctoral researchers from around  the world, to work on an important piece of research in the social sciences  and humanities. Interdisciplinary interests are encouraged. We also welcome  researchers who would like to work on a collaborative grant proposal or  develop their PhD thesis into book publication.

Areas of  research focus
We are particularly looking for researchers  focusing on the three clusters 'Asian cities', 'Asian heritages' and 'Global  Asia'. However some positions will be reserved for outstanding projects in  any area outside of those listed. Applications which link to more than one  field are also welcome.

Terms and  conditions
Applicants must have fulfilled all  requirements of the PhD. If you are a PhD candidate at the point of  application, you may also apply provided that you are confirmed for  graduation within 6 months after the deadline. A letter from your university  will be required to confirm your graduation before your proposed start  date.
If you are applying for a grant from IIAS to cover your  research period in the Netherlands, the fellowship will be tenable for a  maximum period of 6 months.
Support for research (office facilities,  library access, networks, etc.) will be provided.
Affiliated fellows  are expected to participate in IIAS events, including the fellow seminars and  monthly lunches and drinks.

If  IIAS decides to sponsor your research by awarding a grant, the fellowship at  IIAS will include:

 An all-inclusive and fixed monthly  allowance (2,000 Euro) for the agreed period.
Travel expenses  (economy class) to and from IIAS.

Invitation to  apply
Interested applicants are invited to email/post their  applications, consisting of:
Application form  (word)
Curriculum VitaeA minimum of two letters of  reference,
Please ensure that a minimum of two letters of reference  is sent to us in confidence via email or post, commenting on your academic  abilities and the value of your research project by the appropriate deadline  (1 April).
List of publications

1. If you are sending us your  application via email you will receive a reply acknowledging receipt of your  email/application;
2. Please send us your application only once. If  you have already sent in your application via email, kindly do not send the  same application via post (and vice versa);
3. Emails larger than 10MB  are rejected by our email system. Please keep your email and attachments  below 10MB by zipping any large files.

Application  address
Address for submission of applications, reference  letters and/or queries:
(1) Email:
(2)  Fellowship Programme
     c/o Ms Sandra van der  Horst
     International Institute for Asian  Studies
     Rapenburg 59
      2311 GJ Leiden
     The  Netherlands

See for more information on fellowships and  fellows at IIAS:

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